The Material Model Laboratory

This guide to the Material Model Laboratory is a work in progress. The documentation is currently in a state of flux between describing version 2 and the new default version 3. Section headings containing an asterisk (*) are not up to date with version 3. Efforts are currently under way to update the documentation.

Obtaining Matmodlab

Matmodlab is an open source project licensed under the MIT license. The source can be obtained from

Matmodlab can be installed via pip:

pip install matmodlab

See Installing for more installation details.

About This Guide

Matmodlab is developed as a tool for developers and analysts who care to understand the responses of material models to specific deformation paths. The target audience is assumed to have a basic knowledge of continuum mechanics and familiarity with other finite element codes. Accordingly, concepts of continuum mechanics and finite element methods are not described in detail and programing techniques are also not described.

Obtaining Additional Help

In addition to this guide, many example input files can be found in matmodlab/examples and matmodlab/tests

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